Cooper Fab

North Idaho Welders & Fabricators

Cooper Fabrication located in Post Falls, Idaho, offers excellent welding and fabrication services for any project.

Not only are we licensed in Washington and Idaho, but we are also certified and insured. Cooper Fabrication has been meeting and exceeding North Idaho and Eastern Washington’s most stringent fabrication requirements for almost 20 years.

Our entire team is the most highly qualified and skilled metal fabricators, steel fabricators, and aluminum fabricators in the Coeur d’Alene and Spokane area.

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Work Done Right

Cooper Fab

Cooper Fab has the equipment, mobility, experience, capacity and certifications to meet any steel, stainless steel or aluminum welding and fabrication needs.

Cooper Fabrication’s custom metal fabrication and welding capabilities cover design, manufacturing, industrial, heavy equipment repair, transportation repair, trucking, as well as residential & new construction.

Our quality service is supported by a large fabrication, welding shop as well as several mobile units & trucking abilities.

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Line Boring, Portable Line Boring & Bore Welding

Cooper Fab

Cooper Fabrication is Post Falls, Idaho, offers Line Boring, Portable Line Boring, and Bore Welding services to all of North Idaho and Eastern Washington.

Cooper Fabrication’s available bore welding and line boring equipment supports repair and/or a rebuild of almost all heavy machinery and industrial needs.

When you need work or repair to your machinery in your facility or on your job site, we are available to meet your needs.

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